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Business Resources Shared by 5th Ave BID

Business Resources for 4th Ave

Shared from Joanna Tallantire, Executive Director

Here are some resources to help:

1. Merchant Assistance page on our website has free resources and info:

2. Gift Card Program - 3rd and 4th Ave businesses welcome to sign up for small businesses GIft Card program. The only fee is the usual credit card fee when a customer uses the card. Read the info carefully as there is a two-step process to join. Scroll down and click on Apply to Join

3. Merchant newsletters and community e blasts once a week or so. Please send an email to with their business name and we'll get them on the list. Info about grants, services, free resources, what's going on on 5th etc will be the content.

4. Currently neither 5th Ave BID or FOFA has a list of 4th Ave businesses. We could work together to create a list.

5. Other connections/resources: 5thAve BID can make connections to

  • Emily at NYC SBS, maybe they can send out their small business ambassadors to do a tour.

  • Mark Caserta former BID Exec Dir now with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, now heading Small Business Resource Network.

  • PACE University has an SBDC (federal funded small business development center) that has a lot of resources. Andrew Flamm can be extremely helpful.

6. WhatsApp group to connect businesses owners can be a good start. Just a few people needed to start and then others can be invited. Suggestion to have “house rules” so that it is really an informational exchange versus just a chat group.

Anything else you can think of that we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. All small businesses need support and we are happy to do what we can.


Joanna Tallantire

Executive Director


646 509 3578

From recent 5th Ave BID newsletter:

A friendly reminder that Pace University's Small Business Development Center offers a variety of helpful services that are FREE of charge. It's good to keep them in mind -- here are some upcoming opportunities:

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